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Updated: Dec 9, 2022

There is so much HOPE if you change your mindset the sun will shine on you. There is so much darkness going on in the world today that I just focus on my sunny days. The days when the Lord showed me that he had my back and would yet bring me through again. He is so much bigger than our health, relationships, bills, and even death. I was the Queen of worry and stress. The more I went through the more I learned to trust his faithfulness. I remember one time I was really going through, I read this article about a healthy mindset. The person who wrote the article had a exercise that whenever a negative thought would come into your mind, replace it immediately with something positive. I tried it and it really worked. I did this exercise for a long time and eventually I was turning my rainy days into sunny days all the time. It was like a light bulb would go on and say change it. Point is you can make a choice to think positive and change your rainy days into sunny ones with a MINDSHIFT. Try it today and incorporate it into your life! Make it something you do all the time.

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