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Updated: Dec 9, 2022




Start today. It could be the smallest thing but start today getting to know you. So you really think you know yourself. I am talking about HER your true authentic self. I seen a Red Table Talk show with Jada Pinkett about women who cut their hair and became bald. Not because they were having a melt down or anything like that. More so because each woman wanted to get divinely connected to HERSELF. Women have lived by the stigmatization of how others especially men feel we should look for centuries. Black women have lived by the fallacious belief that they need long silky hair or light skin or their not beautiful, LIE! Women are out here getting everything from their waistlines snatched, big boobs, big butts to enhanced facial features and living under these pretentious beliefs that he will love me more or NOW I am worth it. Worth what? If someone truly loves you then he looked right past your physical appearance and captured the attributes of your heart. FACTS! I said truly loves you. What about how strong, loving, and kind you are? Don't get me wrong we need to embrace our beautiful brown eyes, full lips, and those thick eyebrows (PHENOMENAL WOMAN) but you need to know your true authentic self is so much more than that. The cosmetic surgery is 43 billion dollar industry that is growing everyday because you don't believe your worth more than a big butt and a 30 inch weave. Shame on you! I know for a fact that you were fearfully and wonderfully made with your BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING self. Have you ever heard of pretty face and empty head. Same rules apply. It is preposterous and brainless to have these surgeries to get likes on social media or to get a partner. Sis, it's all superficial, real men want REAL women! They want someone who connects with HERSELF so that he can connect with her, his rib. What do you know about you? I mean outside of how you look, where you work, and the whip you drive? Spend some time today and search your soul. Ask yourself who am I? Stay there for a minute and really try to understand YOU! Who would you be if you shaved your head bald todaY? Would you be bold boss chick or timid, scared, and fearful of what others would thinK? I just want to be me. I hope you choose to be your BOLD BRAVE BEAUTIFUL self. Click Let's Connect on my About Me page and LET'S CHOP IT UP!

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