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Other Side of the Mountain

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

When I think of climbing a mountain I think about the grit and the grind. I think of how hard it will be to reach the top. Mountain climbers have determination and endurance. They are very firm in their beliefs. One day I asked God, why is everything that I attempt to do seem so hard? Why does life seem like it so easy for others? He told me "my daughter" because I am taking you different route and it will not be easy, it is the back side of the mountain. The backside of the mountain is the valley lows. Climbing a mountain is less about the task itself and more about you. I thought right there ,well, I may as well quit and give up if life is just going to be hard for me. I was not sure I was ready for this arduous journey from the bottom to the top. At this time, I had lost everything my car, my job, my home, and my fiancé. From the valley lows to mountain highs. I learned and I am still learning that life is not so much about our issues and problems but more so about how we choose to handle them. Yes, it is hard and can be overwhelming and scary but like a mountaineer you need self determination, mindset, belief all the right tools to climb a mountain. But if you really want it (whatever it is) you can have it! Having a mindset of determination and endurance is not something I just say, it is something I have had to live. If you would like some help getting to the other side, click Let's Connect on my About Me page and LET'S CHOP IT UP!

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