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Updated: Dec 9, 2022

The atmosphere is shifting. And like many others I find myself at the fork in the road. It is decision making time. I realized that it is one thing to have these thoughts of peace, happiness, and success but putting in the work and exercising the ability to become the best version of yourself is completely different. Times are different today, there is still the repercussions from Covid 19 and now rumors of wars with Ukraine and Russia. Things are not the same as when we would go to Big Momma house and talk about our problems and things seemed instantaneous resolved with a big hug and hot meal. Those times are long gone. Today's issue seem to hit harder. If you want to live that life you dream of; you have to really step into it. BUT, what if stepping into it means giving up everything you ever knew to seek and accomplish everything new that is waiting for you. What if the best version of you means leaving the only life you know behind? Do I go or do I stay? Do I step out on FAITH and ride the waves or do I stay and FIGHT the rocks?

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